Cross-country shipping eating away your San Fran area profitability?

Brewery-In-Planning or Tempted Homebrewer?

But time & capital tight?  

- move Now, before it's too late

- Start Simply, and ease into the full complexity

- Prove your concept (to yourself & investors), without risk or capital requirements

- Or scale up your homebrew for A big event


 From First Filing Phonecall through Empty Keg Pickup, we're here to help you till you you're comfortable

From First Filing Phonecall through Empty Keg Pickup, we're here to help you till you you're comfortable


So how much is this going to cost?  Unfortunately, there are too many different permutations to float an accurate number here.  You can choose from elements below to estimate the costs, but don't forget your flow-back revenue when we sell!  It's a two-way street.  Email for more info.

Formation, Legal, running start

  • Don't fritter away the full year it can take to get your permit and liscense, and incur business costs throughout with no revenue

  • Get started ASAP by riding our license & sales/distribution networks from Day 1 (until you build your own)

  • We'll take care of all the production, excise, product registration, and other paperwork.

  • Ditto for the export paper-morass


Infrastructure, Financing, Accounting, and Vendor Introduction

  • We know how to setup and navigate your Accounting Systems, whether they run on QB, QB Online, Freshbooks, and/or leverage EKOS Brewmaster
  • We can provide HR services to get your business rolling, via our partnership with Avitus Group
    • Payroll
    • Staffing
    • Compliance
    • Healthcare
  • Looking to sell equity or place private notes?
    • We've got contacts in multiple Angel communities
    • With two share offerings under our belts, we also know Federal & State private placement registration

Product development & Design

  • You’ve got core recipes (if not, we can help there too), so we'll help you upscale them for production (it's not straight-line math)
  • We won't choke you on volume, offering batches from as low as 7bbl quantity, across a wide range of packagings (see below)
  • In-house, beer-honed, design capabilities that turn your requests around in 48 hours or less, way cheaper than anyone else experienced could
  • We'll run and teach the Federal and State approval label and pricing processes. 
from 500.00
from 3.00


  • 6-30 bbl batch size – way smaller quantities than any Contract Brewers will offer you
  • Be as hands-on or remote as you like  
  • Hands-on Brewing Guidance if this is your first time on a production-size brewery
  • Ales & Lagers OK
  • Barrel aging, Kettle Sours, and Wild Yeast OK
  • House Yeast & California Common (ale) available at no cost
  • Supplies order-consolidation - we'll mix your orders with others' and our own to reduce everyone's costs and simplify supply



Packaging and warehousing

  • 1/6B and 1/2B kegs (Regular and One-Way)
  • 12oz, 22oz, 375ml, 750ml bottles
  • Borrow our cooperage; We’ll wash & fill
  • We can consolidate your labels & bottles orders with others' to drive drive cost down
  • We can provide caps, carriers, and blank case boxes
  • We’ll even store the finished goods for you




Sales, Distribution, Empties, Export

  • Ride our distribution & empties collection infrastructure

  • We’ll even help you export (saves us money too by helping to fill up containers!).  Plus we’ve guy guys ‘over there’ to help make sure the beer doesn’t just sit


Curious why we're doing this?  In a nutshell, we're moving much of our production overseas, as that's where our demand & connections are.  As such, our expensive SF Bay Area brewery is under-capacity, although still needed for specialty beer production and export to certain areas that prefer US made product.  Meanwhile, we need allies to help build up US Craft sales in Asia.