Announcing the Ship to Shore Series - A Rotating Line of IPAs & DIPAs

Ever heard how IPAs first came to be?  It was all about supplying the British military based in India.  The long story's here, but made newsletter-short, the Brits needed sturdier beers to survive the 6-month treks to India, and this higher alcohol, hoppier creation -- a Pale Ale for India -- did the trick.

Schubros has not forgotten the style's roots.  The flavor's all there, as is the inspiration.  The Ship-to-Shore series is a tribute to military service, kicked off initially by none other than Roger Lind, and named after celebrated Naval vessels (starting with BB-1 Indiana).  10% of profits go to Sentines of Freedom, a non-profit org that rehabilitates, houses, and helps career-place injured veterans.

Come try our latest, BB-9 Pineapple IPA!

So please join us in our salute to our troops, and grab a pint of Ship-to-Shore wherever it may be served.  And if you can't find it at your favorite watering hole, please ask them about getting in on the series before its too late.  

The Ship to Shore Series.  A barrage of flavor.